3D NEW ZEALAND was established in 1999 by Liane Rogers Hellmund, who has more than 25 years experience in the New Zealand inbound industry.

Born in Curacao and educated in both Curacao and Holland, Liane speaks several languages – including English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Papiamentu.

Her extensive travels began at an early age, living in Holland, Denmark and England as well as travelling through the Americas and many European countries.

Understanding the needs and expectations of many cultures allows 3DNZ to create truly perfected service, which is personalised with bespoke itineraries along with a deeper understanding of their culture and outlook.

At 3DNZ, we have a dedicated network of suppliers we work with to provide experiences the length and breadth of New Zealand, Fiji, and the Cook Islands. Combined with our own extensive travels throughout NZ and the South Pacific, we have plenty of local knowledge and all the cosmopolitan touches to ensure your client’s holiday is the trip of a lifetime.

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Liane Rogers Hellmund - 3DNZ